These 9 Superfoods Help You Lose Weight Healthily

Nowadays we are busy and that means that a healthy meal or a sports session sometimes falls short. But in addition to all the hustle and bustle, we also strive for a healthy body and mind . To be able to maintain this, we will therefore have to at least choose the right nutrition. Because there is no time for intensive diets , we come up with a good alternative: these 9 superfoods will help you lose weight.

These 9 Superfoods help you lose weight healthily

Every little bit helps, which is why we have collected a number of superfoods that contribute to weight loss in a healthy way. It may not be a complete diet, but these alternatives are very easy and accessible to add to your diet. And remember: something is better than nothing!

Best Green Juice:

1. Lemon


Instead of your soft drink, choose for example water with lemon and mint or homemade lemonade. In addition, the lemon can also be used well in smoothies or in salad dressing. Lemon is a healthy alternative because, unlike other fruits, it contains little frucose. This means that it hardly affects your blood sugar. Lemons are also rich in vitamin C, so very healthy !

2. Avocado


Avocados are good to add to your diet because they make you feel full quickly. As a result, you will eat less during the meal and after that you will not feel hungry again. Ideal if you want to lose weight. In addition, avocados are rich in many good nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin B, vegetable proteins and fiber.

3. Cucumber


Because drinking water while losing weight is also not entirely unimportant, cucumbers can also provide that extra hydration . That’s because they consist of no less than 94 percent water. This means you get a lot of extra moisture. In addition, this fluid also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1 and B2, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. The cucumber is also an easy addition to your diet: throw it in your salad, eat it on your sandwich or simply as a healthy snack!

4. Stevia


Do you like to drink sugar in your coffee, tea or a smoothie? Then it is better to replace this with stevia. This is a completely natural sweetener that contains no calories and does not affect blood sugar. A small adjustment with a big result.

5. Nuts


When you eat a handful of nuts a day, you get a lot of healthy fats. These ensure not only that you satisfied you feel after meals, but also keep your brain healthy. In addition, by taking in healthy fats you also better absorb other nutrients and produce hormones. Make sure that you do not consume too many healthy fats. A handful of nuts a day is enough.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is a fiber-rich product. That’s what we want, because a high-fiber diet ensures that your digestion runs smoothly. This is because fibers can absorb a lot of moisture. Eating broccoli is also a good idea because the fiber in it makes you feel full. You will therefore feel less like a snack after a meal. Handy if you want to lose weight.

7. Dark chocolate

We are talking about dark chocolate bars that contain at least 85 percent cocoa. The cocoa in the chocolate is rich in antioxidants. These improve your cholesterol levels and scavenge free radicals. These are aggressive substances that can damage your cells and tissues. Cocoa can also reduce stress, which can have a beneficial effect on your waste process.

8. Ginger

Ginger is one of the superfoods used as a flavoring ingredient in dishes. But in addition to the taste, it is also very healthy. Ginger is a real mineral bomb: it is full of sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc. You can also go to ginger for vitamins. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. A true addition to your diet.

9. Green Tea

Drinking green tea is ideal if you are in the process of losing weight. Drinking green tea boosts your metabolism. This burns more calories. Research shows that men burn an extra 100 to 120 calories per day when they drink green tea. That’s gonna be robbing your girlfriend’s tea.

Diet Apps Help, But Guidance Is Essential; See The Most Popular

Researches conclude that apps help in monitoring the diet. Professional follow-up, however, remains important.

A quick search for weight loss programs at major app stores reveals dozens of options for the user. At a time when 70.7% of the American population is overweight , diet apps can be an interesting tool to encourage healthy eating. But the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist remains essential to personalize the recommendations, experts say.

The effectiveness of using applications has already been tested by science. An Arizona State University study published in 2014 by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, for example, found that using the “Lose It!” Application, popular in the United States, significantly increased participants’ persistence. They managed to record what they ate more faithfully compared to those who used paper and pen to write down their menu.

mobile weight loss

Noom Alternatives: Better Competitors for Weight Loss?.

Diet and Health

See the free diet apps that are among the most downloaded currently on Apple’s App Store app store.

It is a program based on the diet of the points. Each food is worth a certain number of points and the user has a limit of points that he can consume during the day. To follow the program, just register everything you eat and see how many points you can still consume. There is the option for the user to pay a subscription to the Diet and Health program and have access to more features of the application.


In this application, the user defines which diet he wants to follow and the application warns when and what the person should eat. Based on user data, the app defines how many daily calories it should consume. The tool is also based on the principle of recording all foods consumed. With this record, the program can create a food pyramid to verify that nutrients are distributed correctly. According to the developer, the app’s database has the nutritional values ​​of more than 2,000 foods.


It is a calorie calculator that has more than 5 million foods in its database, according to the developer. To record the consumption of processed foods, just scan the barcode to access your nutritional information.

When registering and registering your information, the tool creates a diet and exercise program for the user. You can also connect with friends and see how they are doing on their diets, like on a social network.

My Diet Advisor

Aimed exclusively at women, this app has a motivational tone as its main feature. The user is encouraged, for example, to register photos that inspire weight loss. She can also receive perseverance tips and see motivational quotes. For moments of weakness, the “Panic Against Food Wishes” button is available to convince the user not to resort to pizza and chocolate.

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