Herbal Treatments For Hair Loss

Alternative medicine may be a viable option for those who are not keen on using chemically enhanced medicines and conventional scientific methods, or those who have used them and found them wanting. Herbal treatments aim to target the main causes of hair loss instead of just dealing with the symptoms. Many commonly known herbal and medicinal plants are used today to aid in preventing hair loss, and most of them are available commercially.

Herbal Treatments For Hair Loss

Natural Herbs that Help with Hair Loss

Gingko Biloba – This is a popular herb that improves blood circulation and hair re-growth is achieved when there is an increase in the blood flow in the brain and on the skin. Nutrients are able to reach follicles, thereby encouraging strong hair to grow.

Saw Palmetto (berry extract) – This is the choice of men nowadays, for its ability to inhibit DHT (dihydrotestosterone) formation, as well as due to the other benefits and preventive measures it does for a number of health conditions. The most common use of this herb is to protect the prostrate. It also helps the remaining hair follicles in the scalp to grow healthy hair.

Stinging Nettle – This herb is best taken in combination with saw palmetto. It is known to aid in preventing hair loss because of its capacity to hinder testosterone from being converted into DHT, which is a main cause for pattern baldness and continued hair loss.

Green Tea – Some researchers have found the cathechins found in green tea are actually capable of inhibiting enzymes from converting testosterone hormone into DHT, therefore aiding in male pattern type baldness. It is recommended that a person has to take 2 to 3 cups a day for hair loss prevention.

Henna – A herb that has been used to dye hair but has been discovered to potentially be of vital importance in preventing hair loss. The herb is crushed to form a paste and applied directly into the scalp, creating a natural conditioning agent which also increases blood flow circulation.

Coconut Oil – Among its many uses, this oil is beneficial to hair as a natural conditioner. It keeps the hair healthy and lubricated to prevent drying of the follicles and being clogged by dirt.

Aloe Vera – A medicinal plant used for centuries which makes hair thick and healthy. It has been found to contain an enzyme called superoxide dismutane that stimulates hair growth. The plant extract, a gel- like liquid, is applied directly to the scalp and hair every night.

Red Pepper – Research has proven that red pepper can cause irritation when applied to the scalp due to the trigger of histamine but when this is released, the blood is attracted to the area, and increases the flow of nutrients that portion of the scalp.

A wide variety of herbs and natural treatments are available today. Another treatment used today is aromatherapy, using a mixture of essential oils for the scalp. But it is ideal to have proper nutrition for all these to work effectively. Alternative treatments are effectual if used in the early stages of hair loss, as a precursor to scientific methods such as lasers and transplants, as they typically have less drastic or adverse effects on the body.

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