Paleo Diet Foods List

Wondering how to shop for paleo diet foods? Many people starting a paleo diet are looking for a simple paleo diet foods list. And while I’ve got that for you- created by my friends at Paleo Flourish Magazine & shared below- I also wanted to share some tips on how to identify paleo-approved foods.

While paleo beginners often feel overwhelmed about what is and is not paleo, it really doesn’t have to be that hard.

Paleo Diet Foods List


There are a few simple things to look for to find paleo diet foods:

Is this food something that exists in nature, without the need for human intervention? Sure, someone has to butcher the cow and pick the sweet potato, but grass-fed and organic high quality meats and produce do not require a factory to be made. They’ve got Mother Nature for that.

Is this food nutrient dense? Is it colorful (by nature!)? Does it contain vitamins and minerals that will support my health? Does it contain fiber, protein and/or healthy fats?

Does this food have a nutrition label? With the exception of meats and pantry staples like grain-free flours and similar products, most of what you should buy at the grocery store should come without a nutrition label (think fruits, veggies, bulk raw nuts and seeds, etc.).

If it does have a nutrition label (we all need some convenience foods, after all!), does it contain grains or gluten? Check the labels of everything you’re buying. There is gluten is many products you’d never even think of, like sauces, protein bars and even sausages.

Does it contain dairy? Again, read the label and see if milk/dairy is listed as an allergen.

Does it make you feel fantastic? If not (even if it’s “paleo-approved”), then ditch it.

It can seriously be that simple to identify paleo diet foods.

And remember- while it’s great to follow a structured diet when you’re first starting out on paleo, I recommend giving yourself freedom over time to experiment with your diet and see what works for you! Paleo doesn’t mean following strict rules for the rest of your life, it’s about finding the real, whole foods that make you feel your best.

But if you’re looking for a simple paleo food list that is easy to read and can even be printed and taken with you to the store, this one from Paleo Flourish Magazine is a great place to start:Visit us to find out more about what to eat on a Paleo diet.

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